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Boudoir is an experience that every female should have the opportunity to undergo. An experience designed to empower you and make you feel more confident and beautiful than you’ve ever felt before.

Here at Temptations Avenue Lingerie, we are in continuous contact with amazing photographers and studios. We decided to create a list of Boudoir photographers who share the same values and who have the same views when it comes to lingerie, seduction, and empowerment. Oh and they are definitely good at what they do!


- : "With a boudoir session, we help change how people perceive themselves. We empower them to embrace their sensuality and sexuality. We show them that all the perceived “flaws” they see on their body do not matter.  We help them to see their best attributes and imagine themselves as someone on the cover of a magazine."

- : "In our studio we focus on highlighting the positives of your body, to show off all those beautiful curves and make you feel damn proud of who you are, right now, in this moment. Because girl, you deserve it! No matter the shape, size, or age - a Boudoir Session is for EVERY woman."

Parry Sound (North of Toronto):

- GeorgianBay Boudoir : "Boudoir sessions mean different things to different people. They're about stepping out of your comfort zone. They're about loving and celebrating yourself. They're about feeling empowered and flipping the bird to the lies you may have been telling yourself all these years. They're fun! And they're one of the most amazing and empowering things a woman can do for herself!"